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Africa-Europe relations after 6th EU-AU summit and the war of Ukraine

Africa-Europe relations after 6th EU-AU summit and the war of Ukraine






On 17-18 February 2022, the sixth EU-AU summit was held in Brussels, after two years of delay due to the pandemic, attended by 67 heads of state and government (40 from the AU and 27 from the EU). The outcome was a declaration that presented a commitment to a joint vision for the next 7 years to renew the partnership between the EU and the AU, and more specifically to strengthen solidarity, security, peace and sustainable and sustained economic development and prosperity for the citizens of the two Unions. A financial package of €150 billion was announced to support these goals, as well as the UN 2030 agenda and the AU Agenda 2063. In addition, a monitoring mechanism was established to ensure transparency and follow-up of commitments.

However, less than a week after the summit, Russia launched a war in Europe with profound repercussions that quickly spread around the world, especially affecting the international economy. Moreover, divisions within Africa over the conflict were evident in the 2 March vote at the UN emergency session. And the presence of Russian troops in different African countries is increasingly perceived as a threat to European states. The aim of this webinar is to assess the sixth summit, the outcomes and the challenges ahead for the consolidation of the partnership between African and EU states, and to reflect on whether and how this partnership might be affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine.


Diego López Garrido, Executive Vicepresident at Alternativas Foundation

10.10 H – DEBATE

Rita Laranjinha, Director for Africa of the European External Action Service

Elsa Aimée González, Africa Coordinator at Alternativas Foundation


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