Changing minds, improving citizens: Project CHANMIN

Working paper with conclusions and recomendations for european migration policies

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European policies have strong links with solidarity, and migration is a core point of EU action. The arrival of migrants in Europe in the last years has exposed the complexity of the principle of European solidarity. Many EU member states have rejected the arrival of migrants and refugees to their territories, which significantly impacts their citizens’ understanding of the real situation. In that context, the CHANMIN ambition focuses on understanding European citizens’ vision of migration.

This report proposes a series of interventions with the aim of having a positive impact on how European youth perceive immigration. First, the objectives of the project carried out in Denmark, Spain and Romania in 2022 and 2023 are presented. The most important goal was to find out how young people perceive immigration in their countries and their associated feelings. A study was carried out in which both quantitative and qualitative data were collected. Its methodology is explained in detail below. To conclude, a series of actions are proposed based on the analysis and sharing of the results related to the adequacy of the communication channels young people use and the content of the messages about immigration they find there.




  • Alicia Homs
    MEP European Parliament

Presentation of the CHANMIN project

  • Isaac Pozo
    Project Manager at Fundación Alternativas


  • Ana Martínez
    Fundación Alternativas

Presentation of the communication campaign of the project Chanmin

  • Carolina Garcia

          Alianza por la Solidaridad – Online

Tools to combat hate speech towards migrants and refugees

  • Veronica Laorden G-Pavón

           Comisión Española de Ayuda al Refugiado (CEAR) – Online

Young European’s Perceptions of immigration Adrianus Koetsenruijter

  • Adrianus Koetsenruijter

           President Ridhe

Closing Remarks

  • Costin Dedu

Asociatia de Initiative si Proiecte Pentru Tineret Imago Mundi

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