Report on Democracy in Spain 2008. The Strategy of Confrontation. Down but not out

6 November 2008
Public politics

Report on Democracy in Spain 2008. The Strategy of Confrontation. Down but not out

Fundación Alternativas is pleased to announce that the English language version of our Report on Democracy in Spain 2008: The Strategy of Confrontation. Down but notout is now available on our website. You can download it for free or read it on line. The report, prepared by a group of leading social scientists coordinated by Joaquin Estefanía, analyzes the political Spanish system and its main institutions, focusing on the political balance of the last legislature, the judiciary, the economy, the fight against corruption, the tough relationship between the Catholic Church and democratic government and, last but nor least, pluralism in the mass media. The Report also contains the results of an innovative audit on the quality of Spanish Democracy: More than one hundred experts in political science, sociology, economy, law or history were asked to answer to a broad-ranging questionnaire, the conclusion of which so far has ranked the quality of Spanish democracy at 6.2 out of 10.

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