Africa Report 2021. Common Challenges for Africa and Europe under the pandemic

23 septiembre 2021
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Africa Report 2021. Common Challenges for Africa and Europe under the pandemic

On February 14th, 2020 the first case of COVID-19 on the African continent was confirmed. Last year’s 2020 Africa Report maintained that although a greater perspective was necessary to understand the pandemic’s effect on Africa’s political, economic and social processes, it wouldn’t represent a clear break between a pre-pandemic and a post-pandemic period. A year later, with additional perspective to reflect on the impact of this global phenomenon on the continent and on international relations, the 2021 Africa Report touches upon the pandemic’s consequences in Africa, along with other issues that continue to be equally relevant in the political, economic and social agenda of the continent, including its relations with the European Union and with Spain in particular, in the context of a much-needed renewal of relations between Europe, Spain and Africa.




  • Diego López Garrido
    Vicepresidente Fundación Alternativas


  1. Covid-19 in Africa. Prophecies, Paradoxes, Challenges, and Opportunities for the Continent, the EU, and Global Health, Berta Mendiguren
  2. Towards a more equal partnership? What the most immediate future holds for Europe-Africa relations, Marta Íñiguez de Heredia
  3. Black Lives Matter and the Global Structural Racism, Antumi Toasijé
  4. From grassroots to transnational activism: The role of the democratic transition in developing a global black consciousness among black Tunisians, Houda Mzioudet
  5. Spanish Migration Policy towards Africa: Change of Government and Change of Policy?, Gema Serón Aires and Lorenzo Gabrielli
  6. Migration Diplomacy in North Africa. Retrospective and Development, Beatriz Mesa
  7. Spanish in Africa: Prospects for Growth and Expansion, Joanna Boampong
  8. The CFA franc zone in Sub-Saharan Africa, Federico Abizanda
  9. The Impact of Covid-19 on the Renewal of Relations between Africa, Spain, and the EU, Elsa Aimé González and Itxaso Domínguez de Olazábal
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