Inequality and the top 10% in Europe l Policy recommendations

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23 septiembre 2020
Políticas públicas

Inequality and the top 10% in Europe l Policy recommendations

Inequality and the top 10% in Europe is a two-years pioneering study, conducted in four European countries, which examines the financial position and attitudes towards inequality amongst the top 10% of income earners. Most inequality studies concentrate on contrasting the top 1% with the other 99%. However, given the high participation in conventional politics and the strong political influence of the top 10%, it is vital to understand their economic position, perceptions and values.

The study, which comprises includes the analysis of over 100 interviews to members of the top 10% across UK, Spain, Sweden and Ireland, is the result of a joined effort of Fundación Alternativas (Spain), the Think Tank for Action on Social Change (TASC – Ireland), Compass(UK), Arena Idé (Sweden) and the Foundation for Progressive Studies (FEPS).

This document includes 20 Europe-wide policy recommendations and several more for each country included in the study.

The complete report can be accessed HERE.

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