Report on the state of culture in Spain 2020

Spain’s cultural action abroad [ICE-2020]
20 noviembre 2020

Report on the state of culture in Spain 2020

Spain’s cultural action abroad [ICE-2020]

The Report on the State of Culture in Spain (or ICE from its initials in Spanish) is a publication by the Fundación Alternativas Culture and Communication Observatory that systematically monitors our country’s cultural reality. Six editions have been produced since 2011 that have made it possible to focus on our different soft spots and problem issues.

The first part of this edition will be dedicated to Spain’s foreign cultural policy, identifying players, policies and its main achievements. In addition, we run an evaluation and produce a series of proposals to improve efficacy and efficiency, also considering how Covid-19 is affecting traditional models.

As we have maintained in previous editions of the ICE, culture is a mainstay for the Agenda 2030 sustainable development goals and, without it as a tool and a cross-discipline perspective of all policies, the endeavour is bound to fail. We approach the second part of this edition along these lines, addressing fundamental questions such as development and territorial cooperation, sustainability of cultural heritage and artistic education and growth of the audiovisual industry.

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